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Breast Augmentation

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Statistics UK:

  • 30% rise in cosmetic procedures
  • 50% rise in breast augmentation
  • 94% of women who have had implants recommend the surgery to others

WHY so popular?

  • Socially accepted
  • Breast implants have evolved
  • High cohesive gels
  • Strong implant shell
  • Comprehensive range
  • Texturing
  • High Confidence
  • Specialist Breast Surgeons who now carry out Cosmetic Surgery (safety of a specialist doing your operation)
  • Health Care Commission approved hospitals
  • Safety of silicone implants now clearly described

Main reasons to request breast enlargement:

  • Never had satisfactory breast development
  • To have breasts that are in proportion with your body
  • After childbirth, weight loss; loss of volume or shape with age
  • In order to satisfy the desire for a fuller bustline.

In addition to positive cosmetic results, data has shown patients often receive a substantial psychological boost.

What Does it Cost?

  • The average total cost is just over £4000
  • The predominant variability in cost relates to the type of implants!
  • The cost of the latest high cohesive textured anatomical implants is £1200 for two!

Is implant surgery safe?

Breast augmentation is straightforward in the hands of an experienced specialist, but must be carried out to exceptional standards and with patient safety as paramount

Is Silicone Safe?

  • Breast Augmentation has been performed for hundreds of years
  • Silicone implants have been used for over 40 years
  • Safety of silicone breast implants is established
  • No increase in cancer or autoimmune disorders

How long do implants last? Mr Turton advises that you should plan for replacement by 10-15yrs

Symptomatic rupture is now rare (<5% at 10-yrs) but increases with time

  • If a cohesive implant ruptures the gel doesn't "run"
  • There is no automatic need for exchange of modern implants at 8-yrs

Common Questions

How long does the operation take?

  • 1- 1.5 hrs

Is it painful?

  • The chest area often feels "tight" and tender for a few days

When can I drive?

  • Individual advice varies
  • From 3-days - 3-weeks

When can I return to work

  • Usually after 1 week

How do I decide on the size of the implants?

  • The average breast size in the UK is a "B" cup
  • Most patients desire to be a "C" cup
  • Bring pictures with you or review your surgeon's album
  • Asking for a natural shape augmentation is common
  • There are specific cosmetic techniques that can be used to give you a proportionate result
  • If you have a lot of breast sag, implants may not be ideal. If one breast has more sag than another you will still notice differences after surgery. Patient's with a lot of breast sag (ptosis) may require a mastopexy instead, as well as, or at a later date.

To see anonymous pre and post operative photos of patients who have had Breast Augmentation Surgery performed by Mr Turton in his Cosmetic Breast Surgery Leeds practice, please review the images section.


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